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The peritoneal mesothelioma is actually this kind of tumor that can be found in the peritoneum membrane. The membrane, which is the peritoneum, is a thin one found inside of the organs in the abdomen part of the body that basically consists of a lot of mesothelial cells.


This thing called the mesothelioma is usually associated with the result because of too much exposure to asbestos, which in a lot of cases is also found through the routine xrays for the abdomen, and also through those CT scans that could let you be aware of something that is not normal inside of your body.


This peritonea mesothelioma can actually be very dormant when in your body for a lot of years, and before it can be figured out that it is really inside there, the people who have this will usually first be exposed to asbestos and have it for a couple of years, and after a long time, that will be when they will get diagnosed with this kind of condition. A lot of the mesothelioma cases are peritoneal mesothelioma types, and this type can be divided into two categories, which are the malignant as well as the benign.


Several symptoms saying that you have the mesothelioma:


Some pain that is felt in the abdominal area


You have signs showing your immense weakness


You lose a lot of weight off of your body


You have a decrease in appetite and you don't exactly want to eat a lot


You experience nausea all the time or majority of the day


You have some swelling on the abdominal area


If ever you think you have these symptoms, you need to have your body checked by mesothelioma doctors right away since the symptoms can get worse through the course of time. If you fail to have your health checked by the doctor, you might experience even worse abdominal pains and an increase in the pressure inside of your organs, making you feel uncomfortable for the most part, and can also make you have bowel distention and obstruction.


Is there a way for you to be diagnosed with this in a much faster pace so that you will know right away and can prevent further damage? The answer would be yes. Usually, there will be this so called peritoneoscopy that will be done on you, and if ever they see some malicious signs of this mesothelioma, they will have you undergo biopsy. You should follow whatever the doctor tells you so as to be safe from even further damages that could worsen your condition.


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